Thursday, 28 April 2011

BABE is this weekend!!

Hi everyone,

As you know (as I haven't stopped pestering you!) BABE is this Saturday and Sunday. You should DEFINITELY come! There's gonna be loads of really good exhibitors there and usually they're very friendly, so now is your chance to ask questions. Come prepared but let them just talk, they know a lot that you could learn from. If you can't come then please feel free to forward your questions on to me and I'll ask them when I'm there, just comment on this post with your questions and whether it's for someone specific or just general. 
Here is a HUGE list of the exhibitors so you can check them out before we go: 

ABC @ BIAD, abombpress, Alex
Pritchard, Altazimuth Press /
Tom Paine Printing Press, AMB
(ambruno), Ambeck, Andrew Law,
Antic-Ham, Artist Book Collective,, Artists’
Books Club UWE, Atlantic Press,
Bob Howe Letterpress Type &
Equipment, Book Transformations,
bookartbookshop, Bookbinders
Collective, Booked, Books About
Nothing, Books to Change Your Life,
Borbonesa, Bow of Burning Gold,
Cally Barker, Charlotte Vallance
/ Jat Bains, Colin Sackett, Covet
and Whistle, Decadence Comics,
DISPERSAL, EAK Press, East London
Printmakers, Editorial Krausse,
Elizabeth Shackleton Collinge,
Emily Speed, Ensixteen Editions,
Francis Elliot - Foundry, Gemma
Lacey, Glyn Walton/ Rag-&-Bone
Shop Books, Here Gallery, ignition
/ Ciara Healy, Illustrated Digest
/ Plymouth College of Art, Imi
Maufe - World Atlas, Impact Press
UWE, Jane Cradock-Watson, John
Woodman, Jonathan Doney at The
Spitfire Press, Kali De Vega, Karen
Joyce, Karoline Rerrie, Kite Dagger
Anchor, Leopard Studio Editions,
Liver & Lights, Lucy May Schofield /
Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library,
MADE, MailWorks@Bruxelles,
Mandy Brannan, Mark Pawson,
mermaid turbulence, Mikhail
Pogarsky, Mizue Yoshimura, Nick
Moore, one.zero6 press, Ottobooks,
Owl & Lion - Isabelle Ting, Oxford
and Cherwell Valley College,
Paper Garden Press, Parvenu
Press, peach-tree, pear-tree press,
Pylon Press / Plymouth College
of Art, reassemble, Redfoxpress,
Responsa Press, Road Books, Roger
Polley, Sally Stanley, Salt + Shaw,
Serendipity Press / Little Black
Press, Sidney Nolan Trust, SILT,
Simon Goode, Snake Perch Press,
Stephen Fowler, SuperPress, Teacup
Press - Mavina Baker, The Courtyard
Press, Trigger Editions, University
of Plymouth - Illustration, Vox
Humana Press, whnic Press.

I'm particularly keen to talk to people like Charlotte Valance to see how difficult things are when you get out of uni (since I'm nearly there, eek!) and also people from East London Printmakers to see how easy/difficult it is to print out of uni in places other than Birmingham. Also small presses and galleries like Here Gallery to see what kind of things they publish and showcase.

This will be a great opportunity for us to find loads of things out, so please come and if you can't then comment on here with questions you'd like me to ask.

Chloe x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tissle tassel

Todays 2nd illustration students have been tessilating! The above pictured are
from Top left
Jake Truman
Lucy Kenny
Joe Taylor
Hannah Moore

A really great day!
..and it helped that the print room was flooded with sunlight.